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(ANSA) – BELGRADE, 06 APR – Daniel Schinasi, the Italian artist and founder of the Neofuturist movement, who died in Nice on April 12, 2021, would have turned 90 this year, sixty dedicated to painting. His large wall paintings describe his message of Neocubofuturist Humanism with different subjects. of theatres, the exhibition ‘Schinasi A message in Motion’.

A collaboration created by Paola Cordone, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, and by the Dutch artist and director of the Pulchri Studio Art Society, Ed Van Der Kooy.Among the great works presented in the beautiful Pulchri venue in The Hague, the 10-metre panel Hommage à Nice Ville de Paix, Fraternité et Liberté, exhibited for many years in the Hall of Thiers Central Station in Nice.

At the same time, the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam inaugurates ‘A Message in motion -Drawing sand Documentaries around the Neofuturism’ in its headquarters, with original drawings on themes dear to Schinasi: music, composers, nature, the work of man, as well as documentaries around Neofuturism. Among the documentaries in particular that of Hulrike Hahn, a researcher at the University of Rotterdam, who made the film L’Exode du Juif Italien d’Alexandrie, and among the material on display also the photos, presented at the exhibition at the Sorbonne in Paris in 2017, by French cinematographer Jaques Boumendil.

The large-scale works on the theme of movement in all its forms will be the common thread of the exhibition. Like the panel dedicated to the city of Nice: the artist settled there after leaving Paris in the early 1990s, while also continuing to produce in the countryside at Casino di Terra, between Cecina and Volterra. The Homage to Nice city of light, brotherhood and freedom, which has decorated the Thiers Central Station of Nice for many years. The exhibition, curated by Sarah and Manuela Schinasi with the collaboration for the catalog of the painter Katia Cirinei, will see the exceptional participation in the inauguration and in the catalog of James Bradburne, international museologist and currently director general of the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, and Ermanno Tedeschi, Turin curator of Schinasi’s work. Schinasi’s works can be found in the collections of museums and public institutions such as the Musée du Petit Palais in Geneva, the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, the Bat Yam Museum of Modern Art , the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, the Jewish Museum in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the Collection of the city of Angers, the Cagnes sur Mer Castle-Museum, the U. Nahon Italian Museum of Jewish Art in Jerusalem , the MEISFerrara Museum, the Livorno Foundation in Livorno and the Cecina Art Gallery, the University of Pisa, the Italian Embassy in Monte Carlo, the Ben Uri Art CollectionLondon. “A Jew of History” as Schinasi himself called himself, developed his artistic research strongly linking it to the recovery of Jewish memory and identity, in defense of the persecuted and oppressed and with a marked personal commitment to peace and the fight against all discrimination, anti-Semitism in primis and on universal values ​​common to all men.

A great love for painting and art that is reflected in the artist’s creations: from the 42-meter mural painting depicting the allegory of the Hippodrome of the former Presidential Estate of San Rossore in Pisa (1972), to the one exhibited in the atrium of the Cecina Station, in which Schinasi painted the historic meeting between Pope John Paul II and the then Chief Rabbi of Rome, Rabbi Elio Toaff, to whom the artist dedicated a bronze bust in 2016 , on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Rabbi’s death. Art is accompanied by a great interest in cultural activities at an international and institutional level, in particular with the Italian Embassies and Cultural Institutes abroad. Over the years this collaboration has turned into relationships of friendship and esteem with Italian ambassadors around the world, including Ambassador Pietro Cordone, a schoolmate of the artist in Egypt, and the ambassadors Pasquale Terracciano, Massimo Gaiani, Giorgio Marrapodi, Francesco Maria Talò.

The Hague, in the heart of Europe, will be the setting for the first of a series of stops to commemorate the work of Daniel Schinasi, from his last major exhibition which was ‘Daniel Schinasi. The neofuturist journey’, curated by Giorgio Bacci, organized by the Livorno Foundation and the Livorno Arte e Cultura Foundation, with the Presidents Riccardo Vitti and Luciano Barsotti, inaugurated in January 2019. The creation of the Neofuturistic Archives is underway with the curator Ermanno Tedeschi. (HANDLE).