Daniel Schinasi's biography

Daniel Schinasi, the founder of the Neofuturism movement, born May 17, 1933, Alexandria of Egypt died April 12, 2021, Nice, France, was originally from an Italian Sephardic Jewish’s family.

Chronological Biography

From 1950-1960

  • 1952 He joins the evening class of drawing at the Academy Silvio Bicchi in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • 1956 During the war in the Suez’s Canal, Daniel and his family decide to return to Italy and settled in Antignano, a Livorno suburb. Therefore, his life and his career are marked by creativity, and by the powerful relationship with the man. Therefore, his life is marked also by his religious roots, by his raging battles against social atrocities and by the love for peace.
  • 1958 He won the second prize of the City of Lerici. Begins work with spatula autoportraits, portraits of his mother and father, a young model Gabriella Catarsi and characters of Antignano, fishermen, and farmers.

From 1960-1970

  • 1962 He Found with Paolo Luca Donati, “The Today Group ” -He designs in 1963 a “Manifesto for the Peace” for the UN – He knows Carlo Carra’, De Chirico, and Max Bollag.
  • 1964 He gets married in Livorno with Manuela Natalini also called “Jasmine”.
  • 1967 He moved to Paris where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the courses of Nude directed by Jean Monneret. During that summer he rented a farm, “The Yellow House” in the countryside of the Paratino Cecina and there open his art studio. 
  • 1968 In Paris Daniel is elected to the Committee of Italian Painters of France (Italian Institute of Culture). He met the Italian Futurist painter Gino Severini.

From 1970-1980

  • 1970 After his daughter Sarah was born, he left Paris to Italy and he opened a study in Milan. There he founded the “Neofuturism Movement”.
  • 1971 He founded and directed the Academy of Freedom ‘Art in Rosignano Solvay – In Pisa he met Professor Art Critic Vincenzo Marotta that appreciates Daniel work and follows him in almost all his exhibitions about the Neofuturismo. Giuliano Carli, Architecture Design Studio of Lucca, commissioned a mural “Allegory of the ‘Hippodrome’ of 42m x 2m for the Racehorse of San Rossore (Pisa).
  • 1972 His son David is born. He Exhibits in New York, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts du Locle, and at the Galerie des Amis des Arts in Neuchâtel. He invited to the Biennale of Mediterranean in Catanzaro.
  • 1973 He realizes the portfolio of lithographs: “The Speed” for the Architecture Studio Editions Giuliano Carli in Lucca. He joins the “Italian Painters Show” in the Museum of Modern Art in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand. Explains “The New Man” by Charles Joseph Lapusata.
  • 1975 He exhibits with the gallery “Caravaggio” in Rome, and in Bologna at the “Art Fair”. With Vincenzo Marotta Daniel organizes a Neofuturismo Conference in Pisa – He exhibited at the Gallery of Lausanne “Les Peintrers de l’après Cubisme”. He meets Fausta Cialente in Rome.
  • 1976 He visits Alfred Howard and Jacques Lipchitz at the foundries Tommasi’s Brothers of Pietrasanta. Personal exhibition at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire of Neuchâtel.
  • 1977 He is invited at the Biennale: “Art and Sport” in Florence. Exhibition at the “Caravaggio Gallery” in Rome, he exhibited 100 works. In Rome, Conference / Debate on Neofuturismo Vincent Marotta.
  • 1978 He meets French artist painter Sonia Delaunay. He travels to Israel invited by the Bat Yam Institute of Art, where he produced “The Revenge of the Hebrew”. Exhibition in Florence.
  • 1979 Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, in Pisa, in Livorno, and in Prato. He meets journalist Sebastiano Grasso and novelist Guido Lopez.

From 1980-1990

  • 1981 He wins the first Prize of the City of Manchester.
  • 1982 Exhibition at the Palazzo dei Priori, in Volterra “Tribute to Jerusalem and Boris Pasternak“. Donation of “Vache Mourante” (Dying cow) at the Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel.
  • 1983 Exhibition at the Max Bollag Gallery in Zurich and in Bern.
  • 1984 Exhibition at the French Cultural Institute, and at the Ciovasso Gallery in Milan. Donation of the entire collection (100 copies) of the lithography “The Rabbi” to the Italian Association for Cancer Research of Florence. In Los Angeles, he participated in the exhibition “Italian Masters of Design “ with the Gallery” Source D’Abyss “Bologna Art Fair. In Paris, he is invited by the WIZO organization to show some of his works ” La Paix dans l’Art Contemporain “.
  • 1985 He reopens his art studio in Paris. He draws the mural: “The Last Judgement” at the Sanctuary of Ripaldina. He draws the mural: “The train that witnessed the human events” in the Main Hall of Railway Station in Cecina, Italy. Exhibition at the “25 Painters in Alessandro Manzoni”.
  • 1986 Exhibition in Graz (Austria). He creates a poster for the “International Symposium on Short-Term Tests for Genotoxicity”. Under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan presents “The Life and the Work of Man through the graphic work” to Palazzo Sormani. Paris, mural, “Hymne à à la Vie et la Paix” – Exhibition in Salzburg.
  • 1987 From the Eiffel Tower in Paris Daniel launches his Neocubist-Futurism “Manifesto”. Exhibition at the “20 Gallery” in Paris. He realizes the mural: “The Struggle for Peace” on the outer walls of the Karlau State Prison in Graz, Austria.
  • 1988 In London he spreads the “Neocubofuturism on the New Renaissance Manifesto”. In Paris he exhibited at the Michèle Hoffman Gallery: “Les Murals de l’Espoir” (Frescos of hope), then with “Vitesse Gallery” he exhibited at the: “Salon du Palais des Expositions at Rétromobile” and at the House of Culture ” Pallarés chaplain “of Sagunto (Spain).
  • 1989 Open his first art studio in Nice. He exhibits at the: “Jewish Art Museum” in Paris and the Scott Gallery of Deauville.

From 1990-2000

  • 1990 Daniel realizes the poster for the: “Vaurien World Championships” – Exhibition in Angers, France. Donation of lithographs to the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association.
  • 1991 He began the murals: “The Battle of Mallorca” and “Galileo Galilei” in the main hall of Pisa rail Station. Exhibition at the French Police Department in Perpignan. Exhibition sponsored by the Consul General of Italy at the: “Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen” in Nice.
  • 1992 He invited to exhibit to the: “Festival International de la Peinture XXIV” at the Château Musée de Cagnes Sur Mer. Inauguration of two murals: “The Battle of Mallorca” and “Galileo Galilei” in Pisa Rail Station –
  • 1993 He starts the project for the Orthopedic Clinic of the University of Pisa.
  • 1994 He realizes the poster: “Les Enfants, Le Cheval et La Mouette” ( The children, the horse, and the seagull) for the association “Les Marchands de Sables” in Nice. He realizes the poster for the First World Championship of Triathlon in Nice. Daniel prepares the fresco: “Tribute to Galileo and Leonardo” which will be located in the Great Hall of the Faculty of Engineering of Pisa. He then exhibits at the: “Musée Municipal” in Saint Paul de Vence.
  • 1996 Exhibition in Nice, in Théoule, in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, in Menton, and at the Stern Gallery in Tel Aviv.
  • 1997 Inauguration of frescos in the lobby of the Nice Rail Station – He exhibits at the Museum of the Prehistory of Mentone, in San Vincenzo, in Mougins.
  • 1998 Exhibition at the Salon of Contemporary Jewish Artist in Paris and at the Italian Cultural Center in Haifa.
  • 1999 Exhibition at the “U.Nahon Italian Museum” of Jerusalem with the theme: “History and Traditions of the Jewish People”. Antibes “The Sports à Travers the Optique Néofuturiste”. In Menton is invited to exhibit at the Palais Carnoles with “Les Maitres du Portrait Contemporain”.

From 2000-2010

  • 2000 André Villers (Picasso personal photographer) made several portraits of Daniel Schinasi – Exhibition at the: “Château Musée de Cagnes Sur Mer” (with 125 paintings and 50 drawings). The exhibition is presented by Marcel Van and by Enrico Crispolti. The town of Piombino hosts the exhibition: “Man’s life through the neo-futuristic optic” – In Paris, he exhibited at the Galerie Céline.
  • 2001 He represents Italy at the: “International Art Festival” in Acre (Israel) – Guest of honor at the: “Grimaud InternationalSalon”.
  • 2002 He realizes the fresco: “The Allegory of Human Flight” at the Aerospace Faculty of Engineering in Pisa. Show at the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv: “The neo-futurist Humanism”.
  • 2003 In Monte Carlo, he exhibited at the Galerie Gismondi-Pastor – He is invited by the Italian Institute of Culture of Buenos Aires where he exhibited at the Centro Cultural Borges: “Through the Mediterranean” (El Hombre y el Paisaje) – Inauguration of the mural in Groeesto Rail Station: ” The Four Seasons “. Exhibition at the Venice Jewish Museum: “Through the Mediterranean from Jerusalem to Venice.”
  • 2004 Exhibition at the Eco-Alabaster Museum in Castellina Marittima. Exhibition at the Palazzo Vitelli of the University of Pisa. Daniel is invited by the Jewish Community of Pisa at the Fifth European Day of Jewish Culture. He opens the mural: “Hatikva” for the main entrance hall of the Orthopaedic Clinic University of Pisa. Daniel creates the panel: “Tribute to Ida Streuli” for Streuli Pharmaceutical AG (Switzerland). He participates to the exhibition: “The Italian Artist Painters of Egypt” in Rome.
  • 2005 Exhibition in Florence. He designs the projects for Parma and Madrid Peace concerts: “Tribute to Toscanini and Lorin Maazel”.
  • 2006 Exhibition in Cascina, Pisa: “Tribute to the Music, dance and Sport”.
  • 2007 Exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid and in San Vincenzo at the Palace of Culture.
  • 2009 Exhibition at the Teatro Verdi and at the Botanical Garden in Pisa.- Exhibition in Turin at the Laura Rocca Gallery.

From 2010-2019

  • 2010 Exhibition at the gallery “In Villa” in Castiglioncello and the Modern Art Center in Pisa.
  • 2011 At the House of Judaism Elie Wiesel in Nice he presents an exhibition: “From Darkness to Light”. He exposes the Polyttic: “The family of the Jew shoemaker of the Shtetel “ at the Library of the Department of Philosophy and History of the University of Pisa. He exhibits at the Jewish Community in Turin and at Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello for the World Championship of Classical Dance.
  • 2012 In Madrid, Daniel presents the triptych: “The Massacre of the Innocents” during the international commemoration of the liberation of the concentration camp of Auschwitz – Birkenau. He then presents at the Senate building the triptych to the authorities of the Spanish Government, in conjunction with the official ceremony of the “Holocaust Remembrance Day”. He exposes the Polyptych: “The family of the Jew Shoemaker of the Shtetel” at the Museum Piaggio with a personal exhibition of 100 works and several drawings.
  • 2013 The General Italian Consulate in Nice, opens for Schinasi a permanent exhibition art hall. Daniel Schinasi celebrates with personal of portraits in honor of the “200 years of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi birth“, at the Performing Arts Center, of the New Israeli Opera inTel-Aviv. Exhibition at the Piaggio Museum, in Pontedera.
  • 2014 Daniel presents an Art Workshop in Tirana, Albania, with the presentation of a documentary about him: “Le Juif Italien d’Alexandrie” (The Italian Jew of Alexandria) directed by Italian filmmakers Giuseppe La Rosa and Oliviero Olmi. In Tirana, he has a series of meetings with the artistic world, and with Albanian’s students of the University of the Arts. He then opens the exhibition “Schinasi Neofuturista” at In Villa Gallery in Rosignano Solvay.
  • 2015 The movie “The Italian Jew of Alexandria” is shown at the Italian Institute of Culture in London. Personal exhibition: “From Impressionism to Neofuturism 1957-2014” at the Italian Institute of Culture “Sternberg Palace” in Vienna, Austria. Exhibition in Paris at the Sorbonne’s Italian House.
  • 2016 Opening of the exhibition “Future Memories” in Asti at Mazzetti Palace, curator Ermanno Tedeschi. He realizes the sculpture for the monument in memory of the General Italian Rabbi Elio Toaff.
  • 2017 November 9, the opening of the exhibition “Dynamic of Neofuturism” at the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade.


  • 2019 January 17, exhibition: “Il Viaggio Neofuturista” (The Neofuturist’s Travel) at the Fondazione Arte e Cultura in Livorno, Italy.


  • 2023-2024 December 2, 2023- January 28, 2024; Exhibition “A Message in MotionItalian Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam and Pulchri Studio, Mesdagzaal Lange Voorhout 15, The Hague.