Daniel Schinasi
The Neofuturism dawn of Schinasi. ...a seductive elegiac dimension that frees the exuberant evolution of a new painting anthropological strait between quiet contemplative devotion and emphatic dynamic synthesis, between medium sense of the dreamlike and changeable illusion of effects.  With a really unpublished man and illuminated in its daily appearance d life genuine like not reprehensible conclusion.
Andrea Baldocchi
Piombino, June 2000 

Daniel Schinasi has two strong portraits carried out with the palette knife, the soft colors and cubistic technique blend well....

Reuven Berman
Tel Aviv, 4 august 1961. Jerusalem Post

The  exhibition works distinguish themselves for it their unusual and stimulating dynamic figure of the reality, almost to represent the man that, too immersed in a culture and in ancient traditions, finds the sense of the actual existential experience in the to move itself programmatic in the story.  And it not the connection between the representative formal procedure will escape "piece of furniture" of Schinasi and the falling in love of the Israeli culture for the problem of the time that wraps us.  
Dario Calimani
Venice Jewish Community President
Venice, Italy 2003 

The geometry of Schinasi respects the rents of the Renaissance, divides the light, but does not distort the image. 
Carlo Carrà
Milano, Gussoni Gallery1963

Born in Alexandria, Egypt like Marinetti, the "father" of Futuristic movement, it kept from him the objectivity, almost mathematical in the definite analysis of the subject, but while rejecting for the remainder a system "modernistic" campaigning that excluded the moral values, sensitiveness, to the profit of the "mechanization" era triumphant.  
René Cenni
Nice Matin, July 3 1994

The affection for the nature and the people so how are the love for the freedom and a strong sense of life distinguish the works that he creates with an energy that seems inextinguishable. ... 
Fausta Cialente
Rome, 1977

It 'a painting that, ever since I met him I was struck by an intimate penalty, for that matter even then confirmed immediately and almost intense hard work in the plan that preceded it ..... Schinasi is a loner, as it should be. His painting proceeds from the early sixties according to its own internal evolutionary line, without jerks, without jumps, with an inner confidence in the car and humans, and personal achievements, of undoubted quality.
Enrico Crispolti
Roma, 2000 

Rarely encountered creature strong and tough as Daniel Schinasi. For thirty years following his life and his work, and it is as if man and the artist were all one from the beginning. The sign that Schinasi leaves on the canvas and what to leave in life have the same energy, the inexhaustible confidence of the first day: this is amazing. I'm about to say, magical. Besides, ever since I met him, boy, it was as though from afar, and knew everything already. And despite everything, still believed.
Edgarda Ferri
Milano, February 1990

We appreciate your submitting documentation of your drawings and paintings on the history, costumes and tradition of the Jewish People.
Susan Goodman
Chief Curator of the Jewish Museum
New York, april 25 1986

In his eyes there's the glow of the eastern markets, the palm trees with dates .... In the two rooms of the "Leonardo da Vinci, the visitor can scroll through the various stations of the Via Crucis Art, realize the various steps, to get what Schinasi called "renaissance of cube-futurism. And trying to pull with one hand, the horse the jockey is likely to escape the maze geometry.
Sabastiano Grasso
Milan, March 211979 (Corriere della Sera)

Through the Mediterranean from Venice to Jerusalem .... Schinasi memory is vivid. She brings the past to the present, the past that he does not forget fau not Only hosts to honor the martyrs, the persecuted, victims of disasters, and violence of Nazism, but mostly to stay vigilant and fight for the past can never happen again ....
Nicole Laffont
Nice, December 14 2003 (Nice Matin)

The world around him waver, Cubism and Futurism have done their time. Their site has become a museum and he goes monolith showing the human face in its basic structure. The waves of abstraction, the cult object, minimalism and rampant Schinasi generates a sort of human message. It 'a rock.
Jacques Lepage

Schinasi is a future without complexes, probably kept in a portfolio ango yellowed photographs of Balla and André Lhote. So tenacious fidelity to the first inspiration is admirable in an era in which artists jump from one trend to another like locusts .....
L'Espresso, 8 ottobre 1967

Human life is at the center of the painting in great Schinasi, which is reflected also in the work on time graphics. That is, the emotions, work, suffering, violence, oppression, hope and reconciliation. There interweaves the theme of exile and return, as the autobiographical moment and as part of the Jewish collective memory .....
Guido Lopez
Milan, Palazzo Sormani - Public Library, 1986 

Marc Chagall and Daniel Schinasi .... Schinasi's work is a triumph of colors, yellow, red, and blue, Which blends the earth and the sky with the flight of white light making the transmutation from darkness to light, from the dubious to present a luminous future. This work, then of high spirituality, is an exemplary testimony, inspires the picturesque fantasy and clairvoyant intelligence of Schnase, profoundly inspired of Israel and of its historic present. Within the history of the Second Millennium, Schinasi plays his part like pictorial and heir and a follower of the great Marc Chagall, as a singer of the Jewish world and of contemporary humanity.
Vincenzo Marotta
Noto (Sicily), April 2, 2002 

With his straw hat with ribbon accent and sunny Schinasi looks like a Venetian gondolier nonchalant and dreamy. Under this misleading appearance hides, however, a mastery of drawing, a precision of eye movement which decompose with a diabolical power.
Madeleine Servera Boutefoy
Museum of Villafranche Sur-Mer Curator
June 11, 1996

What is extraordinary in the art Schinasi is that it corresponds very well to a typical contemporary Zeitgeist, allegedly "postmodern": past and present are no longer in a historical continuity, governed and led by the Modernist myth of progress, but have become interchangeable ...

Prof. Marcel van Jole
Vice President of AICA
July, 2000




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