The Founder of the Neofuturism Movement
Daniel Schinasi   
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From Egypt to Tuscany, between music and art
Interview with artist Daniel Schinasi, founder of the Italian-Egyptian Neofuturism
(News PRESS ITALY) Tel-Aviv -Born 69 years ago in Alexandria, Egypt, but originally from Tuscany, Daniel Schinasi is considered the founder of Neofuturism, and for nearly 50 years represents one of the great names of contemporary art of Italian origin. Some of his works have been exhibited in recent weeks at the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv. The show, which was presented under the title "Humanism Neofurista
Daniel Schinasi," aimed to take stock of the most recent artistic production of the painter, with a corpus of works that seem to confirm the full style research began in 1955. tireless perfectionist, rarely satisfied with the results of their work, Schinasi choose to specifically and strongly stimulate the sensitivity and critical awareness of a world whose reality is often misleading: they represent the movement and transformation of forms in space reiterates its rejection to any dead, as if to "set in motion the machinery of existence" (Andre Verdet). Schinasi Maestro, we can talking about his staff, in recent weeks staged at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel-Aviv?
Several years now I have to exhibit in Israel: the first time in 1972, after an exchange occurred between Livorno and an Israeli town, along with artists, both Italian and Israeli. The next dates back to 1978, the result of a cultural encounter between artists and painters from Tuscany and Israelis. More recently, in 1998, was instead organized my staff at the Italian Cultural Center in Haifa, where my drawings were exhibited, while three years ago, in 1999, another of my staff was staged at the "U. Nahon "The Museum of Italian Jewish Art in Jerusalem. In any case, my relationship with the State of Israel was always constant: last year, in Peshawar, was the guest of honor, representing Italy, an international festival for art. Various issues that I faced in my work, including the life and work in the country, but there are also some portraits of leading figures of Italian music and sport. Among the five large panels on display, I would like particularly to mention the large triptych entitled "Tribute to the dance, music and Opera," was specifically geared to the "Madama Butterfly" by Puccini, and now exhibited at the New Israeli Opera of Tel Aviv, but also a large painting titled "Hope", which will be placed at the Orthopedic Clinic of Pisa.
As regards his life? What is your relationship with Italy?
I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, like my parents, but my great-grandparents were from Tuscany, exactly in Livorno. Today I live in Nice, France, but in any case, for about two months a year, he returned to Tuscany, where, near Volterra, I have a house and a study. But I would like to say I'm very attached to Italy - to the point that I only have Italian citizenship - and, above all, I consider myself Italian in every respect: in fact, after that my ancestors emigrated to Egypt, even before the Unit Italy, I was the first of my family to decide to return to Italy, to know the land of my origins.
You says the founder of Neofuturismo, an artistic movement that draws much to Italian culture, especially the Renaissance. Can you tell us more about this?
Neofuturista The Movement is a movement born in '70, between Milan and Paris, and has done much talking and writing - though of course less is known of Futurism, which had wider distribution. It 'a movement to rehabilitate the man, placing him at the center of civilization and history, and, together, call into the foreground a man who works with his hands in contact with nature in the countryside. At the same time, my art can also be considered "international, cosmopolitan," a demonstration against the war as well as against violence, terrorism, oppression.
Many of your works are portraits of famous Italian musicians of the past, such as Verdi or Mascagni. But how this marriage between music and art?
My daughter she is a musician: I know a little 'work, but it was she who introduced more deeply into this area, offering me the opportunity to learn about the life and music of the great composers of our past. E 'Thus was born my passion for making portraits of great Italian musicians, just as Verdi, Mascagni, Puccini, Giordano, Bellini.
How about instead his "Tribute to Fausto Coppi"? 
I've always been a big fan of sports, and, in my youth, I also competed in various disciplines. Twenty years, however, I discovered the painting, and my passion eventually led me to abandon gradually the sport, which now follow, however, still a spectator.
After Tel Aviv, what are his plans?
I am planning an exhibition in Castagneto Carducci, which will be staged between July and August. Then they planned an exhibition in Cecina, and then one in Pisa. In France, however, is the project of an exhibition in Marseilles, but this already for next year.
Ghileana Galli / News PRESS
IIC ITALY Tel Aviv - 29/04/02