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Daniel Schinasi
Daniel Schinasi Portrait
Daniel SCHINASI belongs to the artistic movement he originally created in 1970, and named Neofuturism.

Perhaps, for better understanding Daniel Schinasi revolutionary style it would be useful to remember what were the origins of Futurism itself.
The Futurism mouvement, born in early 20th century, embraced the concept of breaking away from anachronistic dogmas of the traditional art by glorifying forms of modernity.

It was greatly inspired by "The Futurist Manifesto"(F.T. Marinetti, February 11, 1910) and was known in France as " Apollinaire". The Futurists painters had approached all issues of social life and had chosen to put the emphasis on the movement and the speed in their art.

Finding his roots in Futurism, Daniel SCHINASI took his own art to the next level. By comparison, despite the visible dynamism expressed in both styles, Futurism and Neofuturism view the World differently.
Indeed, the futuristic modernism was built on uncompromising dogma, machinery and means of transport as a quick myth.
Neofuturism delivers the world where the human being remains intact and can become an essay.

The Neofuturism movement promotes the idea that the man, who moves frantically in this materialistic society, can find himself on a slippery slope. Daniel SCHINASI refuses to fall into the futuristic trap of a "progress at all costs". Still claiming his influence of the Italian Renaissance in regards of the composition, Schinasi departed radically from Futurism that has denounced the sterility of earlier cultures.

The Founder of the Neofuturism Movement



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"I paints on walls the history of a man,
his tragedies, his craziness, his protests,
his hopes, and its seasons.

My gutted and seismic echo
goes beyond eternity,
against the lies of slander and injustice.

My acuteness crumble the perpetrators and bringing down columns of human misery.

I Sing the victory

of Light over Darkness,

of Love over hate,

of Freedom from Slavery.

Please do not forget!
Do not repeat the mistakes of your fathers!

In memory of the all massacres of innocents,
Respect each others."

Daniel Schinasi