Daniel Schinasi

" I Sing the Victory of Light over Darkness, of Love, and Freedom from Slavery "

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About Daniel








Daniel Schinasi, the founder of the Neofuturism movement, (born May 17, 1933, Alexandria of Egypt-died April 12, 2021, Nice, France) was originally from an Italian Sephardic Jewish family.

Daniel Schinasi was born in the district of Cleopatra in Alexandria of Egypt to parents of Italian origins from Livorno. Daniel attended the Silesians school of Don Bosco, an Institute of Business Studies.

In 1952 he joins the evening class of drawing at the Academy Silvio Bicchi.

In 1956 During the war of the Suez Canal, he repatriates all his family to Italy. He then settled in Antignano a Livorno suburb in the Tuscan region.

The creativity, and the powerful relationship with the man, by his religious roots, are an important part of Daniel’s life and career. Therefore, his raging battles against social atrocities and by the love for peace.

His artistic activity is spread on so many continents with over 300 personal exhibitions in museums and galleries. For instance, he produced dozens of personal anthologies and retrospectives. He also painted several large murals and panels in train stations, universities, prisons, and hospitals.